How to work with us(CBK 360 Media Agency)?

We make it easy to work with us. In order to control quality of content we have set procedures. Please comply with us.

To add your school;

  • Please send us the school details, contact address , location.
  • Suggest the members of your staff you want to work with us , these members shall be given exceptional rights on the connect site to add , news , school circulars, add to event planner, and make official communications on behalf of the school, at  CBK 360 connection site. Note these 2-5 members may  even include students' prefects , depending what the school finds best.
  • Please we suggest you open up   and share with us a new e-mail address / addresses to be  a collection point for your suggestions , advise , feed backs , compliments, complaints, surveys , polls and polls results, comments and proposals form staff, students, public, development partners.
  • This will make it easier for you to reply where necessary and make official communications to your clients. Note, since these are your comments,feed backs, surveys  and suggestions CBK 360 sends them  to your address, and it is  only your school with the right to review them. Note do not share your e-mail passwords with any one.




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