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Who we are?

The perfect connection

CBK 360 Media Agency; is a media connecting schools on a social marketing and broad casting plat form. The place where you Connect, Locate and Communicate (send feed back and suggestions, participate in option polls).Find your news feeds. Be a part in transforming lives for a better future.

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What we do?

At CBK 360 , we generally offer services in the category of  Media, Communication ,Public relations and Advertising. 



  • Schools may post news for you to read, check out your school's NEWS FEED.
  • Find details on the schools events through our event planner. CHECK OUR EVENT PLANNER
  • We provide contact information and address to make it easier for you to locate the school you need.
  • We provide you with  a plat form where you can contact the schools , and send them suggestions , through the suggestion box tool. LOCATE YOUR SCHOOL.
  • We do opinion polls for the schools.
  • We offer a plat form for you send feed back to the selected school of your choice, to encourage , motivate, advise and be a part in improving the standard of education.
  • Schools may be post their circulars and info.
  • We do surveys and mini surveys online for schools and organizations.

Broad cast 

  • Publications and articles by staff members of the academic institutions.
  • Event planner and video coverage of school events and co-curricular activities. CHECK OUT OUR MOST RECENT VIDEOS

CBK as CSO; Civil society organization.

Emphasizing useful content on social media , through our Forum.

  • Controlling and getting opinions from authorized personnel about misleading content on social media. In all sectors of life Health, Education, Finance . CHECK OUT SOCIAL MEDIA FORUM


How to work with us?


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Links to Selection of schools in Uganda

Please select  school in Entebbe Municipality Wakiso District , and find your perfect connection to the school. Communicate , inspire, suggest. and read the school news. Find much more to entertainment during co-curricular activities

Wakiso District/ Government UPE 


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+256 751 668089   info@cbk.com
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