How Schools benefit from using SmartSurvey
Online education surveys can provide valuable data to help schools, universities, and colleges gather real-time insight to help improve satisfaction amongst teachers, administrative staff, governing bodies, parents, and pupils.
Surveys can be used to measure teacher effectiveness, understand pupils’ attitudes, evaluate courses, and assess student achievement. Insight from all stakeholders can lead to an improvement in programmes and address issues that lead to shortcomings within an organisation.
School surveys allow the wider community to provide feedback on subjects that matter to them. One of the most beneficial factors of using online surveys is being able to collect real-time data, create graphs, find trends, and create custom reports that can be shared easily.

Benefits of gathering data with surveys
Collecting data using online education surveys enables you to quickly analyse results, take the necessary action, and assist with strategic planning.
Benefits of using educational surveys:
• Save time on administrative tasks
• Increase insight on students
• Gather valuable parental feedback
• Presentation and analysis of results
• Cut costs on administration staff

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